10th Annual SoCal Film Festival


Recently interviewed for the 10th Annual SoCal Film Festival –   also pasted below:

-Can you describe your first SoCal Fest experience? 

I’m a Huntington Beach native, born and raised. I’m also an actor and film maker. So to discover a film festival in my home town was thrilling.  I specifically remember sitting in my parent’s backyard reading the Huntington Beach Independent and seeing an article about the festival. It was the first year and I submitted a short film  ‘Send in the Clown’ and it was accepted.  I also volunteered. And that was all it took. I was hooked. Every year I’ve returned in some capacity. Either as a volunteer or film maker.  In addition, I’ve been host of the awards night for the past three years.

-What is about the fest that compelled you to keep returning as a filmmaker? And go beyond that as a supporter?
Obviously because I’m a film maker and I love Huntington Beach.  I’ve also become friends with Brian Barsuglia, the founder and director of SoCal. In fact, we just worked together for the first time on Brian’s feature film, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Beyond that, this particular festival brings unique and challenging films to it’s audience. These are not films you are going to see in wide release. At least not yet. You will tell your friends about these films because you got to see them first, before they got distribution.
It’s funny, but most people in Huntington Beach don’t even know about the festival.  it’s one of the best kept secrets.  It has a great following which is apparent because the festival is in it’s 10th year.  10 years!  That fact lets you know the people who do know about it keep coming back.
-Do you have any future projects in the works?
Yes, I’m currently shooting a TV show called GET SPY. It’s an action comedy about a group of amateur spies and their misadventures. It’s a very fun and fast show. I compare it to both the animated series ARCHER and the HBO’s VEEP.  Our tag line for the show is, “Global crisis is rarely an issue as these low budget, minor league secret agents battle for life and death to discover who has what it takes to GET SPY!”
-Anything else you’d like to share with our readers?
Restoration of Paradise is a very special film playing this year about the Bolsa Chica wetlands. It’s a documentary about this extraordinary ecosystem in Huntington Beach. It plays on Saturday October 4th at 3pm.  This is a rare film at the festival because it’s specifically about Huntington.  Most films at the fest do not focus on local issue.  There are wide range of stories the festival focuses on.  I encourage your readers to check out the fest. I’m certain they too will discover it’s independent spirit, charm and inspiring essence.