Happy New Year

2015 is already looking up!  Get Spy is in the editing room and looks like we will release episodes in early March.  In addition, I’m looking forward to writing new episodes for season two!  And not to mention, I’m still hammering out ideas for POTUS. The political satire show inspired by VEEP.

In addition, I’m looking to get back to doing live theater by working on a brand new solo show.  Inspired by the book The Freedom Manifesto, I want to bring elements from several different genres together for one live performance.  Also, I wrote a scene for my acting class called “The books we left behind in the fire” about two characters trapped in a public library after what appears to be the end of the world as they know it.  It deals with post apocalyptic ideas along side Adam and Eve in the garden. Can humanity start all over again but this time without God in the picture?  Could we do any worse?  I loved writing the scene and I hope to round it out into a full one act play.  Lots of original work on the drawing table as the year gets underway!

three ds

  GET SPY      —     Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde      —      POTUS

Happy Holidays!


I love this time of year to look back and reflect on all the work I’ve done in 2014. As it turns out this year was pretty good!  I’m thrilled with all the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with this year and how instrumental they have been in inspiring me to continue my work.

20140121-113235.jpgTo recap… First of the year was spent at Sundance Film Festival with We Make Movies.  The following month, I began filming with Mickey Rooney, Margaret O’Brien, Shaun Piccinino, Gianni Capaldi, Vernon Wells and many others in Brian Barsuglia’s  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

securedownload-2 I wrote and directed the short film You and Me Now, signed with RPM Talent agency, shot the short Popadopolous and Sons, The Babysitter, Runner, P.O.T.U.S., Open Road, House Arrest,  and two short sketches with Heather Fusari.  Also Hosted the 10th annual SoCal Film Festival and shot sketch comedy at YouTube Studios with Travis Richey and Terri J. Friedman.



And my favorite project this year, I  wrote/created/starred in the upcoming TV show GET SPY.   


Facebook Get Spy 3


- Created by David Beatty, GET SPY is a web based TV show set in the world of low rent espionage.  -

“Global crisis is rarely an issue as these low budget, minor league secret agents battle for life and death to discover who has what it takes to Get Spy!”

Facebook Get Spy 3

I wrote the pilot episode and had a table reading with actors I wanted to collaborate with on this project. After the initial read, I pitched them the idea to make the show ourselves, on a low budget, by any means necessary… ie guerrilla filmmaking in the streets of Los Angeles.   I couldn’t have asked for a better response.  Everybody said yes and they all went above and beyond to bring this thing together. Many thanks to my producing partner Heather Fusari and director Lorin (Davis) Becker for all of their dedication and talent. Because we had a small crew, our actors often doubled up and had multiple jobs behind the camera.

Our cast includes Alyson Daniel, Cameron Miller, Heather Fusari, Chelsea Alden, Eric Davis, Branden Cook, Suwon Weaver, Hugh Lehane, Lorin Becker, Drew Ignatowski, Benjamin Burt and myself (David Beatty).

Directed by Lorin Davis

Written by David Beatty

Produced by Heather Fusari

A Double Yellow Line Films production.

Special thanks to: Mark McPhearson, Melinda Browne, Maite Garcia, Krystal Beyer Mula, Brian Barsuglia, SoCal Entertainment and Media, Storyteller Printing and, of course, everybody at Studio 24/7 for their continued support.