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So I found a website called Project – Free TV. A friend mentioned it last night as a way to watch free movies and television. I was astonished to learn of all the movies available.  It’s basically Napster for film and television. They say ‘it’s a revolution’. They say it’ll change television.  It truly is awesome to be able to watch commercial free television. Unlike Hulu.  And it’s FREE! However, there are some pop up adds that might distract you at first. But you can easily circumvent those.  Of course, distribution companies, networks and cable stations are probably not to happy about it. But you can’t blame them. Although it’s expensive as hell to have cable TV, someone has to pay for the large scale productions of these shows. If all media were free there would be no production value, no entertainment jobs and shitty content. So although this kind of site it out there, I hope it doesn’t create a very big revolution. I hope it stays small. And it probably will. Because even if there is free content out there, people still want to pay for things. People feel special when they pay for expensive stuff. It feels like a premium service. It makes people feel like they are a part of a special club. And arguably, it’s a good thing.  So even if there is a site where you can watch cable TV shows for free, I don’t think the cable stations are in any real trouble. People will want to pay for television the same way that people will want to pay other people to wash their car, clean their house or mow their yards. People want to pay for shit. Not matter what. It makes them feel special. So Viva La Revolution! Tell your friends! Well… not all your friends.

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  1. Hello David,
    I myself make use of Project-Free TV. In the UK we don’t always get to see the full series of shows, or see series in a complete run, being broadcast piece-meal, so there are benefits for us viewers. However, some of the image quality is so poor one can’t watch it and they are obviously breaking copyright laws, that I wonder how long these sites will be around for, particularly with the new laws about to take the internet by the short and curlies.

    So my advise is to make the most of the guilty pleasures on offer! I particularly enjoyed seeing Breaking Bad which I couldn’t get rental copy of in my home town, being a person not of the persuasion of owning DVDs I’ll never watch again! Beware though that some of the links can give you a bug or limited viewing, so make sure you have an updated virus in use on your PC and remove cookies, regularly!

  2. Thanks Blanche!
    You’re right, make the most of it… It might all end soon and that be the end of it! I don’t particularly like cheating the system, however, affording cable TV just isn’t in the cards for me. And what I like to watch is so specific that having hundreds of other stations doesn’t seem sensible. You being in the UK really is a different reality altogether… Although some of the best shows I’ve seen come from the UK… For example: Luther and Misfits. Great!

    1. Icarly is no where near important enough to sue over, nor is not being able to illegally watch any tv show. Get a grip

  3. Seems to be back without the malware. Is it safe to use again? I love the site. Still paying for cable but never watch it! Vote those stalinists out of office I say!

  4. Thanks for your reply David,

    Well, I haven’t tried to get project free tv since Monday as it gave me a MEGA virus. Luckily I was given a powerful computer to replace mine whilst the bombed or bummed out one is in quarantine. I hadn’t done a back up for a month and I can only hope my IT angels can fix it.

    So beware project free may not be your friend as it’s revolutionary PR states, IT CAN bite you. I’ve had attacks before but my old pc fought them off and I assumed they were fairly harmless.

    I’ve never heard of i carly, but I will miss ‘Once upon a Time’ and ‘Community’ which I was just getting into! I agree with Dave that if you want specific programs, cable or Sky – which I believe is part of News Corp, responsible for all the right wing rhetoric on Fox news and currently in the dog house in the UK for phone hacking, it’s just not worth it. In the US I believe it’s a bit broader, such as HBO specific but, you may not want to subscribe to a particular network/ cable for one tv show. Ah well looks like the Murdoch types are winning.

    That said I do have sympathy for the film+tv studios that invest in creatives. British TV is pants atm. Being Human / Shameless, the first 2/3 series are great but then… tbc if you like later series.

    I missed Luther and Misfits, so maybe I’ll catch up on bbc iplayer or 4OD. If you can get The Killing – the Danish version, you won’t be disappointed. Best TV drama since The Wire; if that got your heart thumping.

    If there is someone out there that can tell me if project free tv is friendly, and is operational. I’d appreciate it.


  5. Hi, I have the same problem, Project TV is a blocked domain as of 2 days ago… was really great you could see everything at any time.Does anyone know what happened or if there is another site available.

  6. Blanche I agree with you completely I’ve been BITTEN WITH A BUG also and not happy. This site is now BANNED from my compta completely.

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