Project Free TV

So I found a website called Project – Free TV. A friend mentioned it last night as a way to watch free movies and television. I was astonished to learn of all the movies available.  It’s basically Napster for film and television. They say ‘it’s a revolution’. They say it’ll change television.  It truly is awesome to be able to watch commercial free television. Unlike Hulu.  And it’s FREE! However, there are some pop up adds that might distract you at first. But you can easily circumvent those.  Of course, distribution companies, networks and cable stations are probably not to happy about it. But you can’t blame them. Although it’s expensive as hell to have cable TV, someone has to pay for the large scale productions of these shows. If all media were free there would be no production value, no entertainment jobs and shitty content. So although this kind of site it out there, I hope it doesn’t create a very big revolution. I hope it stays small. And it probably will. Because even if there is free content out there, people still want to pay for things. People feel special when they pay for expensive stuff. It feels like a premium service. It makes people feel like they are a part of a special club. And arguably, it’s a good thing.  So even if there is a site where you can watch cable TV shows for free, I don’t think the cable stations are in any real trouble. People will want to pay for television the same way that people will want to pay other people to wash their car, clean their house or mow their yards. People want to pay for shit. Not matter what. It makes them feel special. So Viva La Revolution! Tell your friends! Well… not all your friends.


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