Welcome to my website!  This site is constantly changing and evolving, reflecting my relentless approach to an artistic life. Typically you’ll find all sorts of filmmaking and webseries creations which center around acting, writing and directing.  However, you’ll also find my photography and ceramic work.

Martha Graham talks about “…a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive…” and it’s these words that best describe my own life and my relationship to the work I continue to create. In addition to art, there are also the experiences of life:   I’ve been around the world including China, India and Europe and my favorite city (so far) is New Orleans. I’m the kind of guy who likes to make lots of lists and re-arrange my furniture on a weekly basis. I love the great outdoors and sleeping under the stars.  I like to build things with my hands and because I rarely follow instructions, I’m sort of a mad scientist creating things from scratch.  My father was the same way. We are both improvisational inventors when we create. A Jack of all trades, I find the simple joy of creating a sort of meditation. I’ve also discovered that building a kitchen table, for example, is part of my process in writing a screenplay.  They share a connection. It’s like solving one puzzle has a symbiotic relationship to solving another. I like teaching as much as I like being a student. I like to empower people with the ability to do things for themselves. My favorite book is The Razor’s Edge.  My favorite movies are CLUE, THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER and BLADE RUNNER. (The entire list available on request)  I like playing the guitar. I believe the best experiences we have in life are with people we love.

David Beatty was born in Huntington Beach California to Joan B. Beatty, a homemaker and teacher, and David L. Beatty, a pilot for United Airlines.   He is of Scottish, Irish and Native American decent.  (Shawnee Tribe from his maternal grandmother)   He attended college in Colorado and growing interest in acting led him to the theater department of Adams State University where he made his stage debut in Thornton Wilder’s ‘The Skin of our Teeth.’   Following graduation, he began his professional acting career at the Creede Repertory Theater and his work in theater, film and television has taken him all over the country and around the world.

David has appeared in several television shows including GET SPYCriminal MindsLien On MeLois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Beverly Hills 90210. In addition,  the recent feature film adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring alongside Oscar winning actors Mickey Rooney and Margaret O’Brien.

David has performed in many stage productions including the US Premiere of Mark Ravenhill’s The Cut‘ and the US Premiere of Love and Money.’ Other productions include ‘Streetcar Named Desire, ‘Big Love’, ‘Small Domestic Acts’, ‘The Lower Depths’ and Sam Shepard’s ‘Simpatico’ which earned him a nomination for Backstage Garland Award.

In 2005 David launched Double Yellow Line Films, a film production company that inspires and entertains audiences around the globe. The production team has produced short films, television shows  (GET SPYLien On MeThe BS CLUB) and feature films. (Surviving New Year’s)

David received his MFA from the University of California Davis where he was also an instructor in courses including acting, directing and screen writing.

Today, David is a working actor and film maker living in Los Angeles.