When I was two years old I made scrambled eggs all by myself. Personally, I find it hard to believe a two year old would be capable of cooking scrambled eggs, however, who am I to argue with my mother? After all this was her story, she told it the way she remembered it, and according to her I was two.

So, as mom told it, she woke up at 5 O’clock in the morning, could smell something burning and sprung out of bed to trace the smell downstairs into the kitchen. This is where she found me. I was standing on a small wooden step stool, hovered over a cast iron skillet, cooking scrambled eggs. I looked up at her and said ‘EGGS!” She immediately turned off the fire and investigated my work. According to her, I cracked the eggs perfectly, scrambled them perfectly and burned them perfectly. They were burnt but edible. So we ate them. Together.

I like to think this story reveals something specific about my early childhood character. For example, I was the kind of kid to do things on my own, take charge, be self sufficient and observe the actions of others. When my mother made eggs, I must have watched how she cracked and scrambled them and turned on the fire. I like to think this story reveals why I make my living as an actor, writer and filmmaker. Why I became an artist. Why I like to create.  However, what this story also reveals, something I might be avoiding and perhaps the real take away… I probably should have made my living as a chef.

David Beatty was born in Huntington Beach California to Joan B. Beatty, a homemakerand teacher, and David L. Beatty, a pilot for United Airlines.   He is of Scottish, Irish and Native American decent.  (Shawnee Tribe from his maternal grandmother)   He attended college in Colorado and growing interest in acting led him to the theater department of Adams State University where he made his stage debut in Thornton Wilder’s ‘The Skin of our Teeth.’   Following graduation, he began his professional acting career at the Creede Repertory Theater and his work in theater, film and television has taken him all over the country and around the world.

David has appeared in several television shows including The WastelandGET SPYCriminal MindsLien On MeLois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Beverly Hills 90210. In addition,  the recent feature film adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring alongside Oscar winning actors Mickey Rooney and Margaret O’Brien.

Stage productions include the US Premiere of Mark Ravenhill’s The Cut‘,  US Premiere of Love and Money ‘Streetcar Named Desire, ‘Big Love’, ‘Small Domestic Acts’, ‘The Lower Depths’ and Sam Shepard’s ‘Simpatico which earned him a nomination for Backstage Garland Award.

In 2005 David launched Double Yellow Line Films, a film production company. The team has produced short films, television shows and feature films. Titles include GET SPYLien On Me, The Seed Perfection, The Chair and Surviving New Year’s.

David received his BA from Adams State University and MFA from the University of California Davis where he also taught courses in acting, directing and screen writing.

Today, David is a working actor and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.







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