2017 – The Wasteland (TV Series) – This anthology series explores a future dystopian world where government and technology have taken over our lives. Written and Created by David Beatty.



2015 – 2016 – Get Spy (TV series) – In a world of amateur spies and low budget espionage, global crisis is never an issue in this comedy series currently streaming two seasons.

Written and Created by David Beatty.


2014 – You and Me Now (short film) – In this dark comedy, witness the story of one woman’s road to happiness.  Starring Chelsea Alden, Benjamin Burt, David Beatty and narrated by Jed Mills. Written and edited by David Beatty.



2010 – Lien On Me (web series) – A wife. A child. A home you can’t afford. The American Ream. Steaming 12 episodes.

Directed by Nino Mancuso. Co Produced with Ammar Ramzi. Produced and Created by David Beatty.



2008 – Surviving New Year’s (feature film) – A New Year’s party spirals out of control when threatening secrets are revealed changing the lives of 12 intertwining friends. Currently streaming on Amazon Prime.   Written and directed by David Beatty



2003 – Wholesale (short film)  – Based on Neil Gaiman’s short story, We can get them for you wholesale. Starring David Beatty, Gerry Katzman, Stephanie Gulke and Vance Michell.

Watch a short scene from the movie. 



1999 – Turning Starlite (short film) – Examines the combination of creating and sustaining relationships while building a life in the creative arts. Written and Directed by David Beatty.



1999 – Cardinal Red – (short film)  – Way down in Chinatown this mysterious allegorical tale follows the life of a man trapped in a criminal world. Written and Directed by David Beatty.



1998 – Kung Fu – The Story of a boy and his ninja.  Written and co-directed by Brian Walker and David Beatty.




1998 – The Seventh – A dark haunting detective story. Written and Directed by David Beatty.




1998 – Leroy –  (short film) The Year is 1928. The Jazz age. Watch the untold and untrue story of Leroy Kurtis, The Plastic Man. A man who rose to instant fame and fell from popularity and memory almost as quickly. This  mockumentary film explores themes in American culture as relevant today as they were in 1928.

Written and Directed by David Beatty.


1998 – Send in the Clown (short film) – Originally shot in 1998, this short made it’s film festival debut in 2005 at the SoCal Independent Film Festival.

Written and Directed by David Beatty.



1998 – Liquidation – Set in a future, dystopian, post apocalyptic world, one man struggles to break free from the controlling government known as The State.

Written and Directed by David Beatty.
















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