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2017 – The Human Project (short film) –  In the wake of their father’s death, two estranged siblings begin a journey of self discovery. When family responsibility conflicts with their dreams, they must learn to love each other before they can truly begin to heal.

Starring David Beatty and Chelsea Alden. Directed by K. Spencer Jones. Cinematography by Kevin Garrison. Written by David Beatty.

2017 LUCK (short film) – When your seemingly charming ex boyfriend wont leave you alone how far will you go to get rid of him? Sometimes opportunity isn’t very pretty but neither are dickhead boyfriends.

Starring Amy Schumacher, David Beatty, Lynette Coll and Whit Spurgeon. Cinematography Art Chong. Written and Directed by Krista Armigone

2017 – Cannibal Katie (short film)  – or How to Get Your Protein. This story is all in the title.

Part of the Collaborative Filmmakers Challenge,  this short film was co-created with Kari Lane. Written and edited by David Beatty. Learn more about CFC HERE


2017 – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (feature film) – The classic tale of good and evil collide in a horrific confrontation in this faithful retelling of a classic story by Robert Luis Stevenson.

Starring David Beatty, Shaun Piccinino, Gianni Capaldi, Vernon Wells, Elissa Dowling, William McNamara, Margaret O’Brien and Mickey Rooney.


2013 – Dates With Peter – (webseries) – Episode 4 “Two Girls, One Peter”  – Dates with Peter is a mock reality tv show starring TJ Marchbank, Joe Calarco, Paul Romero, Kate Mines, Ammar Ramzi, Sarah Sweet, Ruby Hanger and Deven Simonson. Cinematography Rob Auld-Wright. Produced by Nino Mancuso & TJ Marchbank. Written by TJ Marchbank and David Beatty. Directed by David Beatty


2013 – The BS Club
(TV show) – 5 misguided friends start a babysitting club where the party doesn’t stop to change a diaper.  Co created with Traci Stumpf and Sarah Sweet.  Directed and Edited by David Beatty.



2013 – The Chair
(trailer) – In the City of Angels, a young couple finds a ‘free chair’ on the side of the road. Created with Nino Mancuso, Sarah Sweet and David Beatty














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